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Burn Injuries

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Burn injuries can happen for many different reasons. The severity of a burn injury can also vary widely. But many burn injuries often have one thing in common – someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior caused a personal injury accident that resulted in severe burns.

Knowing what to do in such a situation can be overwhelming. Even knowing what your rights are might not be clear. That’s why it’s critical that you talk to someone who understands the law as soon as possible. That’s why you need Merriman Legal, LLC, on your side.

Located in Cleveland and serving injury victims throughout the state, our Ohio burn injury attorneys have years of experience handling such complicated cases. We know how the legal system works and know what needs to be done to make things right.

Types of burn injuries

Burn injuries are generally classified based on the severity of the injury. The most common burn injuries include:

  • First-degree burn injury (least severe, no blisters)
  • Second-degree burn injury (more severe, blisters, may require skin graft)
  • Third-degree burn injury (more severe, thickened skin, hospitalization required)
  • Fourth-degree burn injury (most severe, damage to tendons and bones)

Common causes

Burn injuries occur for many different reasons. Some of the most common causes of burn injuries include:

  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Electrocution
  • Hot liquids

In many cases, many burn injuries occur because of accidents at work, including construction accidents and restaurant accidents. But they can just as easily occur due to motor vehicle accidents, house fires or many other scenarios. Whatever the cause, make sure you receive the care you deserve. Contact our law firm.

You can count on us

You might think you don’t need a lawyer if you or a loved one sustained a severe burn injury, especially if someone else did something to cause the injury. But the reality is many burn injury cases turn out to be very complicated.

The main reason why many burn injury cases turn out to be so challenging involves proving that someone did something to cause your injury. In many cases, the people responsible for causing such injuries deny doing anything wrong.

We know how to set the record straight. We know how to investigate accidents and find the facts that prove someone did something to cause your burn injury. That’s why we have such a strong track record of success in Ohio. Find out how our legal team can help you. Make my team your team. Schedule your free case evaluation today.

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