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Ohio Car Accident Report

Our law firm explains this critical piece of evidence

Understanding your Ohio Public Safety Traffic Crash Report for your car accident can be confusing. This 6-page-long document created by the Ohio Department of Public Safety contains dozens of codes and abbreviations to describe your accident. However, it’s critical to understand your accident report and make sure it’s accurate because insurance companies will use it to determine compensation for your accident.

Learn more about your accident report with our page-by-page guide below – and make sure you contact our law firm to discuss your accident in detail. You can also click here to download a printable PDF version. Contact Merriman Legal, LLC, and schedule a no cost consultation with our law firm. Call (216) 522-9000.

Page 1

Injury Information

Pay close attention to the boxes on this page devoted to injuries. Near the top, a box marked "Crash Severity" contains space for codes for "Fatal," "Injury," "PDO" and "Unknown."

"PDO" means "property damage only." Other boxes on the page also contain space for injury codes. We can help you decipher them.

Basic Information

The first page of this report contains basic information about your accident, including the driver’s name, address and vehicle information. Make sure all this information is accurate.

Accident Report page 1

Page 2

Crash Details

This page contains space for information about various details about the cause of your accident. Important sections to carefully review on this page include "Pre Crash Actions," "Contributing Circumstances" and "Sequence of Events." Insurance companies carefully review such information when determining how much – or whether – to compensate accident victims.

Accident Report page 2

Page 3

Narrative and Diagram

This page contains space for a narrative and diagram of your car accident. Carefully review both sections and make sure you agree with the information written down by the investigating police officer. This includes the distances between the vehicles and the angles as drawn on the diagram. Details like this might not seem important but can make a dramatic difference when insurance companies decide how to compensate people injured or involved in the accident.

Accident Report page 3

Page 4

Occupants of the Vehicle

This page concerns information about the occupants of the vehicles involved in your auto accident. Note that for each occupant, a box exists marked "Injured Taken By." Pay attention to what the investigating officer wrote in this box. If an occupant later claims they have an injury but none is noted here, that person could have a hard time obtaining compensation for his or her injuries.

Accident Report page 4

Page 5


This page is devoted almost entirely to a large diagram of the accident. Make sure you agree with all the details of the diagram and comments by the investigating police officer. Even seemingly insignificant information like the "date of accident" and "accident location" are important. Make sure you agree with everything on this page.

Page 6

Witness Statements

This page is devoted to any statements made by witnesses of your car accident. If someone saw your accident, their statements can have a profound effect on how insurance companies handle your accident. That’s why it’s critical that you make sure you completely agree with every statement made by accident witnesses. Otherwise, you could have a hard time getting the money you rightfully deserve for your Ohio car accident.

Accident report page 6

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