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A Word From Our Clients

  • I am writing to thank the lawyers at LGM for the exceptional work they did for some children for whom I was appointed guardian. I am a lawyer with more than forty years of experience, and a substantial part of that experience was as a trial lawyer, so I know what good legal work looks like. As I said, the lawyers at LGM did exceptional work in representing these children in a very challenging case where they had to face excellent insurance attorneys on the other side. I watched over this case carefully, and I saw the LGM attorneys successfully overcome obstacle after obstacle until they achieved an outstanding result for these children. I have now begun recommending LGM to other attorneys, which is the highest compliment I can give.


  • A big bank was taking advantage the economic environment and charging me for a service I could not use. I felt this was misleading, unlawful and I was not the only victim of this bank. TeamLGM jumped in, won the case and got me and thousands of customers compensation.


  • Over the last two years I've heard more horror stories about insurance, doctors and lawyers than not. Thank you for being a viable argument and a shining example of what an attorney should be.

    ~Michelle (January 2012)