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Pedestrian Survives Car Accident Caused By Driver On Wrong Side Of Road

A 63-year-old woman miraculously survived a horrific car accident in March caused by a Euclid, Ohio driver who was driving the wrong way, T-boned another vehicle and crashed into the woman waiting for a bus.

Margaret Hardaway is the pedestrian who was injured in the accident and is represented by attorney Tom Merriman. In an interview with Fox 8 News in April, Hardaway thanked the police officer who saw the accident and immediately came to her rescue after the crash.

“Words cannot express my gratitude,” Hardaway said in a video released to Fox 8 News, thanking Euclid police officer James Aoki, who responded to the accident and performed CPR until two private care ambulance workers arrived moments later.

Upon seeing the video, Aoki told Fox 8 News, “I got goosebumps. She didn’t have to do that. I just wanted to help.”

Aoki told Fox 8 News he doesn’t believe he is a hero, but Hardaway and Merriman disagree.

“He saw a need. He acted and he made a difference. He is a hero,” Merriman told Fox 8 News.

Hardaway has not been able to walk since she was struck by the vehicle last month in Euclid. She sustained several broken bones and numerous injuries in the accident. She spent several weeks in a hospital and is now in a rehabilitation facility.

Hardaway’s family has created a GoFundMe account to help with her medical bills.

The car accident also remains under investigation. On a dash cam video of the accident, the brake lights on the car that caused the accident appear to be on the vehicle that raced through a red light and caused the crash.

“You see the brake light on that car and that for me, as an investigator, that’s the smoking gun,” Merriman said in an interview in March with Fox 8 News. ” Those brake lights are on and the car appears to be gaining speed.”

“Her life changed in an instant,” Merriman said. “She is now in a situation where she is not going to be able to work. Her last paycheck runs out in a week.”

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