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Rollover Accidents

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Rollover car accidents often result in serious injuries. That’s because the driver – and passengers – inside the vehicle that rolled over are sometimes thrown from the vehicle or crushed underneath the weight of the upside down car or truck.

Knowing what to do after a rollover accident can be confusing. Getting the medical care you need matters most. But you also need to make sure you address the legal issues that often arise after such a serious accident.

That’s why you need our experienced Ohio rollover accident attorneys on your side. Merriman Legal, LLC, of Cleveland have been working with accident victims for years and know what needs to be done to make things right. Make my team your team. Contact our law firm today and schedule you free case evaluation.

Common causes

Rollover accidents often happen for two primary reasons – either a driver did something to cause a vehicle to rollover or there was a design defect that caused the vehicle to become unstable and rollover.

When vehicles roll over due to another driver’s actions, some of the most common reasons why include:

  • Distracted driver (often texting driver) veers into oncoming traffic, causing rollover accident
  • Drunk driver crashes into another car, causing rollover crash
  • Driver runs red light, causing T-bone accident which results in rollover accident
  • Speeding driver crashes into another vehicle, causing rollover accident

Whatever the cause of your rollover accident, our attorneys can help you hold whoever was responsible for your crash accountable for their actions.

We’re here for you

Rollover accidents caused by reckless drivers present many legal challenges. In particular, many reckless drivers often refuse to admit wrongdoing. They may even try to claim you did something to cause your crash.

Rollover accidents due to design defects often involve taking legal action against the car manufacturer or another corporation. In these cases, entire teams of attorneys often represent the company in all litigation cases.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your rollover accident, our attorneys can work with you and prepare the strongest possible legal case. We understand Ohio’s legal system and know how to navigate our way through it- towards a successful outcome. Put your trust in us. Schedule an appointment today with Merriman Legal, LLC.

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