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Our Expertise is Personal Injury Law

The law provides that a party injured by the wrongful acts of another, whether negligent or intentional, is entitled to recover damages from the responsible party. Traumatic injuries, whether catastrophic and life-long or temporary, can inhibit the activities of daily living and result in significant economic loss to the victim. Injuries require medical treatment and care, they can impede the ability to work and they can lead to wage loss and debt for medical expenses. If follows that the innocent injured victim should not have to shoulder the loss and burden of another’s wrongdoing, but rather the responsible person should step up and assume and/or be held accountable. Our representation of personal injury claimants stems from this principle: we handle cases for injured people against responsible parties and their insurance carriers – who owe victims accountability for the personal and financial impact of their wrongful acts.

  • Distracted Drivers

    Texting drivers are every bit as dangerous as drunks behind the wheel. In their wake are countless victims with devastating injuries. More importantly, distracted drivers kill children at an alarming rate. While local communities move to ban cell phones and texting while driving, this dangerous...

  • Defective Products

    Products that are not safe for their intended use often result in personal injury. Products can be inadequate in their design, manufacture or in the warning. Injury can occur in the home with use of defective products utilized in our daily lives such as defective knife sharpeners, contaminated...

  • Medical Malpractice

    Patients are forced to blindly trust their doctors and the hospital staff who care for them. The state of health care today often dictates that patients have little if any choice in which doctors they see. Patients are at a distinct disadvantage because they do not have the knowledge that their...

  • Children's Injuries

    When your child in injured, the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming. There is nothing that a parent wouldn’t do to make it all better for their child but there is no magic wand to fix a child’s injury overnight. A child suffering a physical injury, experiencing abuse or enduring...

  • Workplace injury

    Worker’s compensation statutes provide a remedy and compensation for people injured at work. In some situations injuries result in the workplace from conditions that are unsafe. When employers are aware of dangerous circumstances within the workplace they have an obligation to correct the problem. If they...

  • Wrongful Death Claim

    When a death occurs prematurely and by other than natural causes, a wrongful death claim may exist. In this type of claim the family as a group and on behalf of the Estate can seek to recover damages for the loss of love and companionship, as well as economic losses to the Estate. A wrongful death claim...

  • Car/Truck Crashes

    Motor Vehicle Crashes The fight to restore your health after a major motor vehicle crash is never easy. Recovering from surgery, struggling with a traumatic brain injury, or undergoing intensive physical rehabilitation takes courage and commitment. But whether you fractured a femur or have been...

  • Motorcycle Crashes

    Motor vehicle accidents are a frequent occurrence on our highways. Whether a collision involves a multi-car pileup on a freeway or a single vehicle crash on a back road, accidents lead to injuries of vehicle occupants. All drivers have a responsibility to act reasonably when operating a motor...


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