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Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Honest answers from Ohio motorcycle accident attorneys

Should I accept a settlement offer for my motorcycle accident? Why do motorcycle accidents happen? What should I do if an insurance company contacts me after my crash? These are just some of the questions motorcycle accident victims ask us at Merriman Legal, LLC.

Located in Cleveland and serving injury victims throughout the state, our experienced Ohio motorcycle accident attorneys can answer any question you have about your crash. That’s because we have years of experience dealing with such complicated cases. Find out how we can help you. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation right now.

What is your question?

What are common types of motorcycle accidents?

Our law firm deals with many of the most common – and often most serious – types of motorcycle accidents. These include:

  • Rear-end motorcycle crashes
  • Hit-and-run motorcycle accidents
  • Motorcycle intersection accidents
  • Left-hand turn motorcycle accidents

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What are common causes of motorcycle accidents?

The most common reason why people cause motorcycle accidents is because they claim they didn’t “see” the motorcyclist shortly before the accident. But that’s no excuse. Instead, many accidents involving motorcyclists and other drivers occur because the other driver did something reckless or negligent. Examples include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Reckless driving (changing lanes without warning, weaving in and out of traffic)
  • Drivers falling asleep at the wheel
  • Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs

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What should I do if the driver who caused my motorcycle accident denies wrongdoing?

Simply contact our law firm. Don’t try to get into a debate with an uncooperative driver. Let us take care of everything. We know how to find the facts that demonstrate you didn’t do anything to cause your accident. We also know how to deal with insurance companies or whoever’s responsible for compensating you for your crash.

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Should I talk to an insurance company if someone from the company contacts me?

No. Anything you say to an insurance company employee could be used against you to reduce or deny your claim. That’s why we strongly advise you to not answer any questions if an insurance company representative contacts you after your crash. In most cases, they’re simply fishing for information they can use against you. Simply tell them to direct all their questions to our law firm. We know how to deal with insurance companies and beat them at their own game.

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Should I accept an offer from an insurance company for my motorcycle accident?

No. In most cases, we strongly advise against automatically accepting an insurance settlement offer for a motorcycle accident claim. What might seem like a generous offer might actually not even come close to covering all your motorcycle accident-related expenses.

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How much is my motorcycle accident worth?

There’s no set dollar amount for motorcycle accident claims. Some are worth a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Others may be worth millions of dollars depending on the circumstances of your crash. That’s why it’s critical that you contact our law firm as soon as possible to discuss the details of your motorcycle accident claim.

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What items can I be compensated for after my motorcycle accident?

Any expenses associated with your motorcycle accident should potentially be covered by your motorcycle accident claim. And we’re not simply referring to expenses shortly after your crash. If your accident has a financial impact on you that lasts months, years or even the rest of your life, all of these expenses should be covered by your settlement offer or verdict. Such expenses can include:

  • All medical expenses, including emergency surgical procedures, future medical care, medications and physical therapy.
  • Lost income, including during your recovery and all future lost income.
  • Modifications to your home due to a permanent disability.
  • Vehicle repair or replacement costs.
  • Pain and suffering.

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What if I’m falsely accused of causing my motorcycle accident?

Simply contact our law firm. We can help you set the record straight. This is a common tactic other drivers and insurance companies often try to use to get out of having to pay for an accident they caused involving a motorcyclist. They try this approach because some people still think that motorcyclists ride recklessly and out of control. We know the truth. We know that most motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens and they deserve to be treat with respect.

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Can I file a motorcycle accident lawsuit against an insurance company?

Yes. In many cases, filing a lawsuit often turns out to be the best way to obtain the money you rightfully deserve for your motorcycle accident. But every accident is different. That’s why it’s critical that you talk to an attorney at our law firm as soon as possible about all your legal options.

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How long do I have to take legal action after my Ohio motorcycle accident?

By law, you have two years to file a lawsuit from the date of your motorcycle accident in Ohio. This deadline is known as the statute of limitations. Two years might seem like a long time. But building a strong, successful legal case often takes much longer than many people expect. And if you wait too long to take legal action, the evidence you need to build a case might no longer exist. That’s why you need to act fast. Otherwise, you could miss out on your opportunity for justice.

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Why should I hire an Ohio motorcycle accident attorney?

Trying to deal with all the legal issues associated with a motorcycle accident on your own can be nearly impossible. And if you make a mistake at any point along the way, you could jeopardize your ability to obtain the financial compensation you rightfully deserve for your motorcycle accident. Remember, you often only have one opportunity to receive all the money you will need to cover your accident-related expenses for your entire life. Make sure you make the most of your opportunity for justice. Make sure you contact our law firm today. We understand the law and know how to get results.

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