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Year-End Accident Statistics a Wake-Up Call for Cleveland Drivers

Cleveland drivers must understand risk factors on the roads so they can make informed choices when they get behind the wheel. Crash data shows the level of danger motorists face, and higher rates of car crashes mean drivers should exercise more care as they operate their vehicles.  Unfortunately, in 2015, Ohio car accident rates and…

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Where Cleveland Head-On Collisions are Most Likely to Occur

When two cars collide from the front and strike each other directly, the accident is referred to as a head-on collision. Head-on crashes frequently result in fatalities, or in serious impairing injuries. These accidents are especially dangerous because the direct head-on strike of the two cars exacerbates force and multiplies momentum. The body thus must…

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Premises Liability Laws Make Dog Owners Liable to Ohio Canine Attack Victims

Dogs can make wonderful companions, but can also cause death, disfigurement and serious injuries when they attack. Children are especially vulnerable to injuries from being bit by dogs. But people of all ages could be hurt or killed if they are involved in an incident with an aggressive canine. Dog owners must be aware of the…

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