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Renovations in Cleveland Create More Pedestrian Friendly Spaces

Pedestrian accidents have been rising in recent years, even as crash rates for other types of accidents have declined. Many of these pedestrian accidents happen because drivers are careless or do not prioritize walker safety. While both drivers and pedestrians need to avoid high-risk behaviors, there are additional steps which can be taken to make…

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What Happens After Cleveland Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are often fatal, or cause serious injuries. Just recently, News 5 reported on a deadly motorcycle accident which took place in Cleveland. The victim was a 34-year-old man from Eastlake who had lost control of his motorcycle while going around a curve.  He was on a 2007 Honda motorcycle and was reportedly traveling onto the…

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Severe Motor Vehicle Accident Results in Unanimous Jury Verdict

Ladi Williams, an attorney at Landskroner Greico Merriman, LLC, recently obtained a jury verdict in favor of an injured client who had been involved in a severe motor vehicle collision. Following several days of trial, the jury unanimously decided in favor of the motor vehicle crash victim.  The victim had sustained serious injuries in the…

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Year-End Accident Statistics a Wake-Up Call for Cleveland Drivers

Cleveland drivers must understand risk factors on the roads so they can make informed choices when they get behind the wheel. Crash data shows the level of danger motorists face, and higher rates of car crashes mean drivers should exercise more care as they operate their vehicles.  Unfortunately, in 2015, Ohio car accident rates and…

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Where Cleveland Head-On Collisions are Most Likely to Occur

When two cars collide from the front and strike each other directly, the accident is referred to as a head-on collision. Head-on crashes frequently result in fatalities, or in serious impairing injuries. These accidents are especially dangerous because the direct head-on strike of the two cars exacerbates force and multiplies momentum. The body thus must…

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