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What can I expect from my car accident claim?

If you've never filed a car accident claim before, the legal process may seem unfamiliar to you. You may have recently been involved in a low-impact collision that left you with a minor injury (whiplash or "mild" head injury). Perhaps your crash happened weeks or months ago, and you have since been treated for a...

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Determining the extent of crash damages and injuries

Every collision, whether a fender-bender or a major accident, creates chaos. Emotions are running high due to injuries, damage, and adrenaline. The first priority, of course, is assisting anyone who is injured. Call 911 to summon medical assistance, if necessary. Then, assess the scene to determine whether moving cars is necessary for safety reasons. If...

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Poor screening of rideshare drivers endangers the public

Do you feel safe getting into a rideshare car? If you're unsure, then you may have heard about horrific incidents involving rideshare drivers. While the bad ones account for only a small percentage, their actions were profound enough to cause serious injuries, trauma, and even death. In November of 2019, Columbus police issued an arrest...

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Road Rage is a Dangerous Game - Yet Some Ohio Drivers Still Choose to Play

The holidays are upon us, and up until the New Year, we will likely see an increase in traffic congestion and aggressive driving. As a result, tempers on Cleveland-area roads can flare up. One Cleveland resident experienced, firsthand, the devastating impact of road rage, according to FOX8. The victim, who unknowingly cut off another driver,...

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Drowsy Driving and Daylight Saving Time

Drivers who work the night shift, travel across time zones, and suffer from sleep disorders aren't the only ones affected by drowsy driving. As the days get shorter and daylight saving time approaches, drivers should be aware that the likelihood of dozing off behind the wheel will soon increase significantly. Each year in the United...

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Cleveland Attorneys Offer Back-to-School Safety Tips

Children in Cleveland and across Ohio have already begun the 2019-2020 school year. Unfortunately, many drivers and commuters have not yet adjusted to the delays in traffic and upsurge of pedestrians and bicyclists. The biggest risk to kids returning to school is not on the bus, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)....

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Cleveland Attorneys Discuss the Dangers of Driver Conditioning

Do you find yourself unconsciously checking your phone notifications while driving? Eating and drinking? Taking your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel to switch songs on your infotainment playlist? What about your daily commute? Do you remember which streets, exits, and landmarks you passed? If you're like many other drivers, you may...

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Ohio Attorneys Weigh the Risks of Distracted Driving

Driving distracted is the leading cause of crashes on the road. Whether it’s from using a smartphone, looking for something in your car or just zoning out, being distracted while driving can be fatal. In Ohio, a distracted driving law went into effect last October and includes increased fines for even looking at your phone...

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