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Compensation For Neck & Back Pain After A Car Accident

Recovering damages can be complicated, but a car accident attorney can help. In the aftermath of a car accident, the physical and financial toll can be significant, especially for those who suffer from neck and back injuries. Crash victims may have recourse through the civil justice system to recover compensation for their damages, which may...

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New Survey Shows Deadly Driving Behaviors Are Surging

Negligent drivers continue to put themselves and others at risk of injury or death. We have seen a decrease in deadly driving behaviors since 2018, but that stopped after 2020. Now, as a nation, we've taken a step backward. That's according to a new AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey, which shows that dangerous driving...

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7 Types of Broken Glass Car Accident Injuries

In a car accident, blunt force trauma can cause painful, disabling, and life-threatening injuries. But other types of crash trauma frequently lead to severe injuries. Laceration trauma that pierces, slashes, punctures, or cuts is often caused by broken glass. Broken glass injuries are common in car accidents and often involve a car's windshield, windows, or...

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Cuyahoga County Car Accident Trends: Fatal Crashes Surge

Cleveland car accident attorneys reveal three-year crash trends Ohio State Highway Patrol data shows that fatal car accidents in Cuyahoga County have surged over the last three years. Deadly crashes increased by more than 50 percent here - from 79 deaths in 2019 to 121 in 2021. In Cleveland and throughout the county, the most...

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8 Tips for Taking Photos After a Car Crash

It's important to document potential evidence before it's gone. There is a lot of important evidence at the site of a car accident that won't be around for very long. Vehicles will be moved from the street. Witnesses will wander off. Tire marks will be washed away. At Merriman Legal, LLC, we get that. In...

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Know the Warning Signs of a Concussion

A proper concussion diagnosis can help you better recover. Concussions are common injuries, yet, they are not commonly understood. Often the result of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, sports, and construction accidents, concussions are hard to define for most adults, according to research. They may be known as "mild" traumatic brain injuries (mTBI), but...

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Compensation for Rear-End Accidents in Ohio

You have recourse through the civil justice system if you were rear-ended and injured by another driver. Rear-end car accidents are among the most common collisions involving two or more vehicles. Nearly one-third – 32.5 percent to be exact – of all car accidents involve rear-end collisions, according to car accident statistics compiled by National...

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Cleveland Could Improve Pedestrian & Bicyclist Safety in Future Road Projects

A new ordinance provides the city with an opportunity to help reduce serious roadway accidents. Public safety is important to the people of Cleveland. Still, pedestrian accidents and collisions between cars and bicycles happen far too often here. According to Ohio State Patrol, 176 pedestrians died in traffic accidents last year. As a result, the...

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