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New Survey Shows Deadly Driving Behaviors Are Surging

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Negligent drivers continue to put themselves and others at risk of injury or death.

We have seen a decrease in deadly driving behaviors since 2018, but that stopped after 2020. Now, as a nation, we’ve taken a step backward. That’s according to a new AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey, which shows that dangerous driving habits are trending upward. The study’s findings are alarming as we move further away from the goal of zero fatalities from traffic accidents.

Takeaways from the survey

The AAA study notes speeding, red-light running, drowsy driving, and driving under the influence of cannabis or alcohol have all increased. The following data from 2020 to 2021 shows the percentage increase of people who admitted to unsafe driving behaviors within 30 days:

  • Driven after consuming enough alcohol that you thought you were over the legal limit: +23.7%
  • Driven within an hour of consuming cannabis: +13.6%
  • Driven 15 mph over the speed limit on the freeway: +12.4%
  • Driven through a red light: +10.1%
  • Driven when it was difficult to keep eyes open: +8.7%
  • Aggressively switched lanes or followed close behind another car: +7.9%
  • Driven while reading a text/email on a cell phone: +6.8
  • Driven while holding and talking on a cell phone: +0.5%

Texting and aggressive driving remain a problem

Despite widespread awareness of the risks associated with dangerous behaviors such as texting and driving, a significant portion of the population continues to engage in these negligent practices.

According to the AAA survey, 92% of respondents believe texting and driving is very dangerous, and 96% think that a close friend would disapprove of such behavior. Yet, alarmingly, 26% of those surveyed admitted to texting and driving within the last 30 days.

Similarly, when it comes to aggressive driving, 88% of respondents recognize the extreme danger it poses. Yet, 96% believe that someone important to them would disapprove of such behavior. Despite this, 23% admitted to engaging in aggressive driving in the last 30 days.

These findings reveal a disturbing disconnect between knowledge and action when it comes to safe driving practices in our nation. It’s imperative that we take action to address this issue and promote safer habits on our roads.

Unsafe driving in Ohio

As the nation grapples with the ongoing problem of dangerous driving habits, Ohio has seen a disturbing trend in motor vehicle fatalities. According to data from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, in 2021, 1,356 people died in motor vehicle crashes, marking a 10.5% increase from the previous year.

The situation shows no signs of improvement in 2022, as the state has already recorded 62 traffic fatalities so far that year, a number that is alarmingly close to the 67 recorded at the same time last year.

These troubling statistics serve as a stark reminder of the importance of safe driving practices. Drivers are urged to stay alert, slow down, and drive sober. Distractions such as cell phones should be kept out of reach, and notifications turned off or silenced. The use of seatbelts should also be mandatory for every ride, and ensure that your passengers wear them too.

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