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How Can Drivers in Cleveland Protect Themselves From Rising Accident Fatality Risks?

Cars are getting safer, with new technologies like blind spot warnings and rear-view cameras to show motorists what is behind and around them. Yet even as these features have reduced the chances of a crash and the severity of injuries when there is a collision, there have been troubling trends in traffic safety in recent…

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Is it Possible to Avoid a Pileup as You Approach an Icy Intersection?

A 64-year-old Cleveland woman was killed recently in a T-bone collision at an intersection, according to News Channel 9. Because intersections are places where cars come together from many different directions, there is a higher potential for crashes at intersections than for collisions to occur at other areas on the road. This is especially true…

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Fatal Car Accidents Nationwide Increase to 50-Year High in 2016

Fatal auto accidents nationwide increased by the largest percentage in half a century, according to official statistics for the first half of 2016. And officials recently blamed various cellphone apps for the recent rise in deadly car accidents nationwide. “This is a crisis that needs to be addressed now,” Mark. R. Rosekind, head of the…

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Ohio Distracted Driving Accidents Remain Serious Problem, Study Reports

Despite widespread reports about the dangers of distracted driving, thousands of drivers continue to cause car accidents in Ohio because they aren’t paying attention to other drivers around them, according to a recent study conducted by AAA in Ohio. WBNS 10 TV News reported this month on AAA’s findings. The study analyzed accident data for…

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Renovations in Cleveland Create More Pedestrian Friendly Spaces

Pedestrian accidents have been rising in recent years, even as crash rates for other types of accidents have declined. Many of these pedestrian accidents happen because drivers are careless or do not prioritize walker safety. While both drivers and pedestrians need to avoid high-risk behaviors, there are additional steps which can be taken to make…

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What Happens After Cleveland Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are often fatal, or cause serious injuries. Just recently, News 5 reported on a deadly motorcycle accident which took place in Cleveland. The victim was a 34-year-old man from Eastlake who had lost control of his motorcycle while going around a curve.  He was on a 2007 Honda motorcycle and was reportedly traveling onto the…

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