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The Secrets to Halloween Safety for Cleveland Kids

Did you know there is an added risk of pedestrian accidents on Halloween? The chances of getting hit by a car are one of many dangers children face on October 31.  To try to protect kids from the different risks that could hurt them, Cleveland Clinic has prepared a comprehensive and detailed infographic. Parents and kids can go over the infographic together to learn important safety tips to ensure that trick or treating goes off without a hitch and kids don’t suffer harm.

So what are the rules for Halloween safety, according to the Cleveland Clinic?  There’s 14 different tips parents and kids should consider including:

  • Wearing brightly colored costumes that are visible at night. Kids go trick or treating in the dark, so their costumes need to be visible! Bright colored costumes can help reduce the risk of Halloween pedestrian accidents.
  • Avoiding costumes that restrict movement.  No accessories or clothes that could cause kids to fall!
  • Choosing face paint. It can be much safer than masks because it will not obstruct the vision of the costumed kid.
  • Avoiding dangerous “weapons.” Costume accessories from swords to lasers to guns should be made of a flexible material like rubber so kids won’t get hurt if they fall.
  • Going trick or treating with younger kids. Parents should always be with children until at least aged 10.
  • Feeding kids before they go out. You don’t want kids getting dizzy from lack of a dinner, or filling up too much on sugar later.
  • Planning out your trick or treat route. You should make sure to select a neighborhood you know when taking your kids trick or treating. If your kids are headed out on their own, know where they are going and have a designated check in time.
  • Planning for the unexpected. You should have a designated meeting place in case anyone separates from the group.
  • Going only to houses that participate. You should only visit houses that have lights on, and shouldn’t ring the doorbell at any house more than twice.
  • Lighting up your path. Use a flashlight, or use glow sticks, to make certain you can see where you are going and avoid tripping hazards.
  • Following the rules of the road. You and your kids should cross only at designated crosswalks or street corners, and kids should be reminded not to cross without looking.
  • Watching out for pumpkins. They can be a tripping hazard, so keep your eyes open.
  • Checking candy. Parents should make sure their children’s candy is not open or tampered with before letting kids eat it.
  • Waiting to get home before you eat any candy. You don’t want kids to consume on the road before the candy can be checked.

Hopefully, by following these tips, you can help ensure a safe Halloween. Of course, drivers also must do their part to avoid Halloween pedestrian accident dangers!

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