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Who can be held accountable for parking lot injuries?

Parking lot injuries

Many parking lots, especially those in commercial plazas, are dangerous for visitors. From dangerous walkways to inattentive drivers, there are many factors that can lead to parking lot injuries. Pedestrians and visitors of a business or other establishment are the most at risk. It’s common for parking lot accidents to result in:

  • Head injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Cuts, bruises, contusions and abrasions
  • Organ damage
  • Neck, back and spine injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Fatal injuries

It’s not always clear who was at fault or what legal action you should take after a parking lot accident. An experienced personal injury lawyer at Merriman Legal, LLC can launch a thorough investigation and help you explore your legal options. Here’s what you should know about parking lot accidents and injuries.

Causes of parking lot injuries

There are many ways people can be injured in parking lots. Most of them are the result of negligence or recklessness. The most common causes include:

  • Traffic collisions — Most car accidents that occur in parking lots happen at low speed. Motorist can sustain whiplash, concussions and other injuries. Speeding and inattentive drivers often pose a risk to pedestrians.
  • Slips, trips and falls — Visitors may be injured in slip, trip and fall accidents when walking areas aren’t properly maintained. Unaddressed ice, snow, potholes, hidden curbs and debris often results in falls. Poor lighting can also be a factor.
  • Violent assaults — Parking lots can be dangerous when there isn’t adequate security measures put in place. Violent assaults are often the result of robberies, sexual assaults, fights and random acts of violence. They are most likely to occur in parking lots that lack adequate lighting, surveillance cameras and security personnel.
  • Workplace accidentsWorkplace injuries can happen in parking lots for the same reasons listed above. In addition, they can happen on construction sites in parking lots. Workers have the option to pursue damages through a third party claim. The injury must have been caused by a third party.

Responsible parties in parking lot injuries

The parties responsible for parking lot accidents often include:

  • The driver of the car or truck that hit you. You may be able to recover damages from the driver’s insurance company through a pedestrian accident claim.
  • The owner of the property or business where your injury occurred. This applies if you were hurt in a slip and fall, violent assault or other cause related to premises liability or negligent security.
  • A state, local or federal government entity. This applies to injuries sustained on government property or by a government employee. Suing a government entity can be very difficult. Be sure to discuss this matter with an experienced personal injury lawyer to weigh your legal options.

Contact an experienced Cleveland attorney to learn about your legal rights

If you were injured in a parking lot, get an experienced attorney on your side who can gather the facts and help you build a strong case. The legal team at Merriman Legal, LLC can gather evidence from:

  • Police reports or incident reports
  • Surveillance video footage (if available)
  • Witnesses
  • Subpoena of cellphone records

Our attorneys will tally up all damages accrued from your crash and fight to help you recover every penny of it. We’ll deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. Your only focus should be on your recovery.

We serve clients in Cleveland and across the state of Ohio. Contact us online to schedule your no obligation consultation.

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