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Cuyahoga County Car Accident Trends: Fatal Crashes Surge

Ohio car accident

Cleveland car accident attorneys reveal three-year crash trends

Ohio State Highway Patrol data shows that fatal car accidents in Cuyahoga County have surged over the last three years.

Deadly crashes increased by more than 50 percent here – from 79 deaths in 2019 to 121 in 2021. In Cleveland and throughout the county, the most common variables involved in deadly accidents were alcohol, age, speed, drugs, and occupants not wearing seatbelts.

Northeastern Ohio’s high crash rate deserves more scrutiny. For example, officials should seriously consider the community’s demand for an investigation of Ohio’s highway guardrail system.

Calls for investigation were renewed after a fatal I-71 crash in Cleveland on Nov. 1. A man was killed when his vehicle veered off the highway at the West 130 Street exit and collided with 200 feet of guardrail that plowed through the interior of his car. This is not how guardrails are supposed to work. Guardrails are designed to “peel away” or retract on impact in an accident.

Northeastern Ohio car accident awareness

Sometimes it’s impossible to get out of the way of a drunk driver, red-light-runner, or another type of negligent motorist. However, awareness of the issues facing Cuyahoga County’s road users can help people avoid crashes. The following information is about car accident trends in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.

Keep in mind that you need more than general statistics if you were recently injured or a loved one died in a Northeastern Ohio car accident. You need information specific to your situation. We can help. Contact Merriman Legal, LLC for a free case consultation to get answers you can trust and learn more about your legal options for financial injury compensation.

Cuyahoga County crash data

About 10 percent of all car accidents in Ohio happen in Cuyahoga County. Communities reporting the highest number of traffic deaths include Cleveland, East Cleveland, Euclid, Parma, Lakewood, and Bedford.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol makes crash data publicly available. Here’s what OSHP has to say about trends underlying Cuyahoga County car accidents, 2019-2021.

  • Ohio tracks accident categories. In a three-year analysis of Cuyahoga County crashes, some types have surged while others have decreased. From 2019 to 2021:
    • Car accidents involving young drivers, ages 15-24, decreased by 5.6 percent.
    • Distracted driving accidents are down by 17.7 percent.
    • Commercial vehicle-involved crashes are down by 20.7 percent.
    • Drug-related accidents increased by 12.5 percent.
    • Speed-related accidents are up by 19.3 percent.
    • Red-light-running accidents are up by 21.6 percent.
  • Overall, the most common crash variables in 2021 were “mature” drivers over age 55,  young drivers between the ages of 15 and 24, unbelted occupants, failure to yield, and speeding.
  • The routes experiencing the most car accidents were I-90, I-480, and US-6. In all, more than 12,000 crashes were reported on these roadways over the last three years.
  • A dangerously high percentage of Cuyahoga County’s population is not buckling up. The safety belt compliance rate is 70 percent here and 84 percent statewide. (The national average is about 90 percent.)
  • While the overall number of pedestrian accidents decreased by 14.8 percent, the share of fatal pedestrian crashes rose. There were 16 pedestrian deaths in 2019 and 23 last year. Roadways with the highest number of reported pedestrian accidents were US-6, Route 10, and US-322.

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