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Is Cuyahoga County a Dangerous Place to Drive?

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About 10% of all car accidents in Ohio happen in Greater Cleveland

A recent news analysis of Ohio county crash rates found that there are definitely some parts of the state that are more dangerous to drivers than others.

Compared to other counties in the state, Cuyahoga County has a higher than normal car accident rate. Since 2017, Cuyahoga County has usually reported more crashes than anywhere else in Ohio, according to a 19 News Investigates analysis

In 2021, there were 28,066 crashes in the county. This year, so far, there have been more than 3,000.

The newsgroup points to many reasons for Cuyahoga County’s high crash concentration.

Why does Cuyahoga County have a high crash rate?

Our county has some unique features that increase the number of car accidents here, researchers say. Overall, 1 out of every 10 accidents in Ohio happens in Cuyahoga County. The area is more densely populated than a lot of other corners of Ohio, and there are many attractions and businesses here too.

There are also about a dozen major highways that intersect Cleveland. Higher speeds naturally raise the risk for motor vehicle accidents.

“I-90 being one of the main, you know, roads in and out of the city and to the suburbs, of course, we’re going to see increased citations issued, increased violations, increased crashes, more so than, you know, a country road that’s not traveled so much,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Ray Santiago told 19 News.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol ranked Cuyahoga County’s roadways with the most crashes. From most crashes to least in 2022, the roadways that may pose the most risk to drivers are:

  • I-480
  • I-271
  • I-90
  • US-322
  • US-6

Ohio car accidents in 2022…so far

This year is shaping up to be more dangerous than the last, with more car accidents investigated by the Ohio State Highway Patrol so far this year than compared to the same time period in 2021. That is to say, there have been 153 crashes investigated so far this year compared to 142 by mid-March last year.

While more crashes have been investigated, other police traffic actions have decreased significantly compared to the same time frame last year (Jan. 1 to mid-March). There are less than half as many enforcement actions, warnings issued, OVI enforcement efforts, seat belt enforcement actions reported by police compared to 2021. The only action that has increased from year to year, so far, are investigations and assisting motorists.

Here are some stats for Cuyahoga County. So far this year, there have been:

  • 134 OVI-related crashes.
  • 152 commercial vehicle or truck-related accidents.
  • 480 failure to yield related crashes.
  • 453 crashes associated with speed.
  • 604 accidents where at least one occupant was not wearing a safety belt.
  • 8 fatal car accidents.
  • 44 crashes causing serious injury.

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