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Truck Crashes

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Car/Truck Crashes

Car and Truck CrashesMotor Vehicle Crashes

The fight to restore your health after a major motor vehicle crash is never easy. Recovering from surgery, struggling with a traumatic brain injury, or undergoing intensive physical rehabilitation takes courage and commitment. But whether you fractured a femur or have been rendered a paraplegic, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the many extraneous issues created by a serious injury: mounting medical bills, fear of losing your job, and confusion about the legal process.

At Team LGM, we make it our priority to alleviate the stress which impairs your recovery. Our first step is to launch a comprehensive investigation. Preserving evidence and identifying witnesses is critical to securing your justice. Whether the defendant was texting while driving or driving while drunk, we have the investigative experience to uncover the truth.

Our next step is to build a wall of protection between you and the insurance company. They will use any means necessary to pay out as little as possible: tricking you into a quickie settlement for pennies on the dollar, pressuring you to sign a document releasing your private medical records, or wearing you down with seemingly endless delays.

While insurance companies act like bullies, we never lose sight of our fundamental mission: To protect the community by holding dangerous drivers accountable and to secure full compensation for the people they hurt.

Truck Crashes

We recently represented the widow and children of a cement truck driver who was killed in a freeway crash after the company illegally overloaded his truck. When asked during a deposition about the company's safety rules, the company vice president proudly declared that there were no rules! He testified, "The policy and practice for [this company] is profitability."

Behind most deadly truck crashes are rogue companies who cut corners. Whether they fail to repair their trucks, haul overweight loads, or push sleep-deprived drivers beyond their limit, outlaw trucking companies are willing to sacrifice innocent lives in the name of profit. And when their trucks are involved in crashes, they are more than willing to destroy evidence.

At Team LGM, our priority is to get an accident reconstruction team to the scene of a truck crash as soon as humanly possible. If you or loved one are involved in a truck accident, do not hesitate to call our office immediately. Once we secure the evidence, we have the experience, resources, and expertise to hold dangerous trucking companies accountable.


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