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Study Provides Another Reason for Drivers to Avoid Using Cell Phones Behind the Wheel

As Cleveland, Ohio, personal injury lawyers, we have represented victims who were seriously injured in car accidents. We have worked with families who lost loved ones because of the careless and reckless actions of other drivers. We have seen the devastating impact of car wrecks.

Given the nature of our work, we ask every driver to avoid distractions. Too often, drivers think they can safely multitask. We’ve all seen the driver who has one hand on the steering wheel and a cell phone in the other hand.

While using a cell phone while driving might seem like a harmless action, a new study finds that more than 25 percent of all car wrecks in the United States can be traced back to inattentive drivers using cell phones. It’s simply not worth the risk.

An NBC news story, reporting on findings from the National Safety Council, states that 27 to 37 percent of all crashes involve cell phone use. In breaking down that statistic, the NSC states that cell phone use is attributable to 21 percent of all car accidents. What boosts the number even higher is the fact that texting while driving may account for an additional 6 to 16 percent of the total.

The National Safety Council, a nonprofit organization, created these new estimates because cell phone use is underreported in crash statistics, according to the NBC report.

Texting and Driving Banned in Ohio

Texting while driving has been illegal in Ohio for the past several years, but we all know some drivers ignore the ban. When they’re reading or sending a text behind the wheel, they might not realize that they have greatly increased their chances of an accident. According to NBC, one study finds the risk of accident may be as high as 23 times.

While talking on a cell phone and driving is not illegal in Ohio, it’s nevertheless a dangerous habit. According to the NSC report, drivers who talk on a cell phone face a crash risk four times greater than someone who is driving with the distraction.

Drivers who choose to talk on the phone and cause an accident resulting in injury or death of another person will be held accountable. Our attorneys have helped victims and families who lost loved ones recover compensation for their losses.

We know our job as injury attorneys is about more than just getting money for the victims and families. While that’s important to help people get their lives back on track, we also know that a successful case will help send a message that negligent behavior behind the wheel should never be tolerated.

Strong laws and enforcement can help make roads safe for everyone. Education also is important. Parents should talk to their teenagers about the real danger of using a phone while driving. And adults should set an example for younger people and not use cell phones while driving.

An attorney at Merriman Legal, LLC can help if you or a loved one was injured or died in a texting while driving accident. Call 866-823-3332 or visit Serving Cleveland and all of Ohio.

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