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How Cleveland Drivers Can Reduce Their Risk of an Accident With Safer Driving Habits

Cleveland auto accident attorneyCleveland road users face many hazards when they walk, bike, or drive on the roads of Ohio. Distracted driving continues to be a pervasive problem thanks in large part to the growing presence of technology in the vehicle. Impaired driving, including both drunk and drunk driving, is still a leading cause of fatal accidents.

Speed, weather conditions, heavy traffic, and other hazards can make the roadways even more dangerous at any given time. With all these hazards creating the potential for significant injuries, it is important for drivers to keep their skills sharp, and re-evaluate any unsafe driving habits they may have developed. This can help drivers meet their legal duty of care to others on the road.  

Road safety and changing bad habits

It is easy for drivers to slowly acquire unsafe driving habits. After receiving a driver’s license, many drivers never again take a driver’s education program or have their skills evaluated by a neutral third-party evaluator. Then, too, most drivers fall into routines of long daily commutes or driving around town on mundane errands. These repetitive conditions cause many drivers to simply stop paying attention to the driving habits they have learned.

In order to combat bad habits, it is important for drivers to approach the task with a degree of mindfulness. In addition to the traffic conditions ahead, drivers should be aware of the condition of their vehicles and perform regular checks of information presented on the dashboard display. Drivers should also be mindful of the way they respond to traffic conditions. For example, a tendency to brake hard not only increases wear and tear on a vehicle’s braking system but also increases the risk of an accident.

In addition to everyday driving tasks such as braking, it is also important for drivers to be prepared to respond to less common driving situations which may develop. Thrillist discusses some of these situations. Maintaining control of a vehicle during a tire blowout can prevent a dangerous collision or roadway departure at a high rate of speed. Recovering from a slide and properly applying anti-lock brakes are also important skills that can prevent collisions.

Driving in rain, snow, and other weather conditions is an important skill for all drivers operating a vehicle in Ohio. Parallel parking and driving a manual transmission are situations a driver may not encounter every day, but it is important for drivers to be prepared if and when they do arise.

Our Cleveland car accident attorneys have seen just how devastating and permanent the effects of a car accident can be. By honing important driving skills, drivers can avoid both preventable injuries and liability for causing an accident.   

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