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8 Tips for Taking Photos After a Car Crash

Pictures of your car accident can serve as evidence for your insurance claim.

It’s important to document potential evidence before it’s gone.

There is a lot of important evidence at the site of a car accident that won’t be around for very long.

Vehicles will be moved from the street. Witnesses will wander off. Tire marks will be washed away.

At Merriman Legal, LLC, we get that. In Cleveland, our law firm is known for its Rapid Response Team. Within the first 24 hours after an accident, our team is at the crash site conducting an in-depth investigation to gather and preserve evidence, locate witnesses, pinpoint cameras that may have recorded what occurred, and gather any other important evidence from the site.

However, even though we are fast, you are still going to be at the crash site before us. Therefore, if you can, you should start collecting evidence right away.

Among the most effective evidence you can get are photos and videos of the accident before the involved vehicles are moved. The next section contains tips on capturing the most compelling evidence possible with a cell phone or camera.

If you were injured in an accident, don’t panic if you didn’t collect evidence at the crash site. Our highly skilled legal team knows how to conduct a successful crash-site investigation and can find the facts that matter to your case.

To learn more about how an experienced Cleveland car accident lawyer can fight for you, contact us today.

8 tips to take effective accident photos, videos

To get photographic evidence that insurance companies cannot ignore, try these tips for taking videos and pictures at a crash site.

1. Get photos and videos right away. After a car accident, your health and safety come first. As soon as you are safe and well enough to move around, use your cell phone or smartphone to take photos and video of your car accident. In a best-case scenario, you can shoot footage before the involved vehicles are moved out of the road.

2. Get all the angles. Get footage from various locations around the crash site and from varying distances and heights. You might take a photo or video of the crash from a specific angle that proves the other driver was at fault.

3. Get it all. There’s a lot more to crash sites than wrecked vehicles. So go in tight (close) on important details, like points of impact. Capture footage of everyone involved, injuries, property damage, road conditions, and physical evidence like skid marks and broken glass.

4. Using a flash. Even with high-quality cameras, details can get lost in photos. Take pictures of the same things with and without using a flash. Different lighting levels allow camera equipment to capture significant details and adjust clarity.

5. Wide shot. We talked about angles and getting all the details, but don’t forget the big picture. If you can, get photos and videos of the accident in which you can see the surrounding area. You want to show how the roads are laid out, weather conditions, environmental factors like ice or puddles, and nearby items and activities like debris, work zones, and temporary barriers.

6. Photograph your injuries. Wounds heal, and bruises fade, so be sure to get video and photo evidence of your own injuries on the day of the accident, if possible. You should also see a doctor after a crash for a thorough medical examination. You could have a delayed pain injury like whiplash, a concussion, or internal bleeding and not know it. Seeing a doctor creates an official medical record of your accident injuries. This report will be important to your potential claim.

7. Document the documents. Get photos and videos of documents and information shared after the crash, like driver’s licenses, insurance information, vehicle registrations, and the responding officer’s badge number.

8. There’s no such thing as too much evidence. Take as many photos and videos of the crash as you can. You never know which videos or pictures could help your claim.

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