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This summer my daughter Kiki will undergo her 8th surgery.  She was hit by a car while riding her bicycle when she was 12 years old.  Kiki has fought relentlessly to regain her life.

Too many lawyers just look at clients like Kiki as a business opportunity: The more catastrophic the injury, the better the chance for the lawyer to get a quick settlement (and a big fee) with little work.

My approach is different.  Our family has lived this unfortunate reality.  So when a severely injured person trusts me with their life, I treat it as a duty.

My first priority is to understand.  What are you going to need to overcome your permanent disability?  What medical treatment or services will you need so you can get back to work?   In the case of a death, what will every member of the family need to move forward without the support of a lost spouse, parent, or child?

At Team LGM, we walk in our clients’ shoes.  It makes us better at what we do: Fighting to make things right.   You need an attorney you can trust.

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