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Merriman Legal, LLC Law Firm Representing Ohio State University Sex Abuse Victims

Former OSU physician accused of sexually abusing student athletes

CLEVELAND (July 18, 2018) – Cleveland law firm Merriman Legal, LLC is representing victims of sexual abuse allegedly committed by Dr. Richard Strauss while they were student athletes at Ohio State University between 1978 and 1998.

“This is an important investigation into a dark chapter in OSU’s past,” attorney Jack Landskroner said. “The harm caused by Dr. Strauss has affected numerous people for the rest of their lives. These students trusted Ohio State University and Dr. Strauss. He took advantage of that trust and abused them, and the University knowingly failed to protect its students from his actions.”

Dr. Strauss worked as a physician for 14 different sports teams at OSU between 1978 and 1998 and saw students at the university health center before taking his own life in 2005. Recently, the university announced it was investigating reports of sexual misconduct involving Dr. Strauss and male athletes and students.

Some students reported the abuse to the university at the time it occurred. However, no disciplinary action was taken against Dr. Strauss, who continued to work at Ohio State University and continued to have access to students.

“The fact that the university chose to do nothing is completely inexcusable,” Landskroner said. “That’s why we’re taking these cases so seriously. We are representing a significant number of former OSU students. We also understand the sensitive nature of such cases. As a result, our clients’ identities are being protected from public disclosure to preserve their privacy.”

“If you were impacted by this tragic event and have information that would contribute to the investigation or if you would like to discuss your experience with Dr. Strauss, please contact our office and speak with me, attorney Hannah Klang, or our co-counsel attorney Scott Smith,” Landskroner said. “All consultations are free and confidential.”

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