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Severe Motor Vehicle Accident Results in Unanimous Jury Verdict

Cleveland auto accident attorneyLadi Williams, an attorney at Landskroner Grieco Merriman, LLC, recently obtained a jury verdict in favor of an injured client who had been involved in a severe motor vehicle collision. Following several days of trial, the jury unanimously decided in favor of the motor vehicle crash victim.  The victim had sustained serious injuries in the crash and will now be appropriately compensated for the damages which the accident caused the injured victim to experience.

Unanimous Jury Verdict After Severe Motor Vehicle Accident

The motor vehicle accident occurred when a driver of a vehicle ran a red light. The driver drove into an intersection with oncoming traffic who had legally entered the intersection at a green light. The driver who ran the red struck the side of the truck of the victim who would become a client of Landskroner Grieco Merriman, LLC.

The force of the impact was substantial, causing serious injuries to the victim’s back, knee, and leg.  More than $25,000 in damage was done to the truck of the victim because of the extensive force involved in the collision.  The crash victim sustained multiple broken bones as a result of the accident and was forced to undergo multiple roads of surgery to try to repair the damage which had occurred.

Landskroner Grieco Merriman, LLC filed a lawsuit on behalf of the victim who had been struck by the driver who ran the red.  Unfortunately, the other driver hired a defense attorney and tried to argue against liability. The other driver claimed our client had been responsible for causing the motor vehicle accident. Not only did the driver not accept responsibility for the crash, but she also hired a prominent local injury law firm to file a counterclaim against our client. In the counter lawsuit, she claimed she had sustained serious injury, and that our client was negligent and responsible for damages.

The attorney for the driver who ran the red light tried to undermine our client’s case.  Efforts to undermine the case included hiring a physician to write a report claiming our client had not actually sustained injuries in the accident despite the medical records showing broken bones and repeated surgery.

The case went to trial, and the trial lasted for three days. Both our client and the driver who had run the right light presented evidence, including eyewitnesses to the crash as well as treating physicians.  The testimony we elicited both from our own witnesses and from the defendant’s witnesses on cross examinations demonstrated both the weakness of the other driver’s position as well as the severity of the injuries which had been sustained by our client.

Our client’s professional life had been impacted profoundly due to the injuries from the collision, and our client still has not fully recovered. The jury recognized the extent of the damages as well as the strength of the evidence we presented, and ruled against the driver who had run the red light. Our client was awarded fair and reasonable compensation for injuries, pain and suffering and other damages in a meaningful jury verdict and is now able to move on.  

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