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Defective Products Cleveland

Defective Products

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Defective Products

Defective ProductsProducts that are not safe for their intended use often result in personal injury. Products can be inadequate in their design, manufacture or in the warning. Injury can occur in the home with use of defective products utilized in our daily lives such as defective knife sharpeners, contaminated food, hair dryers which cause fires, or garage door openers which have no safety shut off. Injuries also occur in recreation; for example, three wheel all terrain vehicles and SUVs that roll over, motorcycle or football helmets that don’t protect. Injuries from products also occur in the workplace, (punch press that goes off unexpectedly, oven which explodes, gas valve that leaks). Consumers have rights that protect them from defective or unreasonably dangerous products, and are entitled to the reasonable expectation that a product will be safe for its intended use. Manufacturers have a duty to make a safe product, and not produce or sell unreasonably dangerous products. The failure to design, manufacture, and/or market a safe product can give rise to a product liability claim.


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